As an Architect, Peta has been a valuable resource to draw on where the project has demanded the input of an interior or colour designer.
Peta has a wonderful understanding of colour and enhances the overall design with her skill and experience. She is also a pleasure to work with and I always know that I can recommend her to my clients with confidence, for both her colour work and interior design in general.
— Mal Bartleet
Peta has worked with us on a number of projects, both commercial and residential. She is able to make sense of our combined ‘wants’, please us both, and create something beautiful. Each interior has felt original, fresh and like a reflection of who we are and how we live (but better!). Perhaps most importantly, we had so much fun. Thanks Peta.
— Marion Botherway
Peta Tearle has been our very valued design consultant over several renovations over the last 15 years.
We would not make any significant design, colour or furnishing decisions without her input. She has always been attuned to our needs and a pleasure to work with.
— Simon and Suzanne Blackwell
Peta was able to comprehend what we wanted in a very short space of time.
She tied together all our disparate thoughts of which colours we wanted to use and how best to complement them. Her knowledge of colour and paint types is extensive and impressive. We are very happy with the outcome of her colour combinations and would never have got to this point on our own .
— Ita Belic and Paul Hartigan
Peta has worked with us in our Auckland Inner City Dental Practice over a number of years.
Our brief to Peta was to provide us with a calm environment to help put clients at ease. As well as providing options of wall colours Peta was able to source fabrics and floor coverings that worked well in the surgery. The result was just what we wanted. Peta was great to work with she adapted to our brief and provided us with a tasteful environment that patients have complimented us on. I have no hesitation in recommending her to future clients.
— Jan Imlach, Practice Manager
Peta is a colour guru!
I have known her since 2003 when completing one of her colour courses. The knowledge she imparted was invaluable and gave me the confidence to “get started” on colour schemes for the various new builds and renovations I have completed since then. I continued to consult and seek her support to affirm I was on the right track and/or tweak what I proposed. She has an innate sense of colour and its subtleties thereby transforming a good colour scheme into a fantastic one. I have found her to have fantastic listening skills. She has a gentle and constructive way of working with clients, guiding them in a direction they are happy with. I have recommended her expertise to friends and family over the years, therefore, I have no hesitation in writing this testimonial as to her wealth of knowledge and experience in colour and design.
— Jill Wood
Peta chooses and makes colours with care and attention. She considers carefully how the people want to feel in the home. My recent brief was that I wanted the coastal feel and the trees to be brought “inside” a bungalow near the sea. A clever mix of hues in the blues/ greens and whites created a calm fresh look that blends perfectly with the natural aesthetics outside and also considers the style of the house.
— Sandra Drinkwater
Peta gave me the confidence to explore, to go with design and colour beyond where I would have dared. And took me to the next level – the ‘Wow’ factor.
— Christine Reynolds
I have used Peta Tearle as a colour consultant for both my home and the family bach over the past 10 years. Peta is absolutely amazing at being able to look at drapery, powder-coated materials, and carpets and know just the perfect colours for you to paint your rooms. She listens carefully to your wishes, and asks about your living priorities, and makes clear suggestions to fit your needs. Peta Tearle is professionally respected so she can recommend the best home and furnishing consultants thus making the decoration decisions much easier.
— Lyn Dallison
Dear Peta

A very big thanks to you for the fantastic help you provided us with in the selection of the colour scheme and fabric for our rebuild.

We were absolutely lost (and stressed!) before you arrived. The way you presented us with the options then helped us through the selection process was invaluable and gave us real confidence.

We are delighted with the outcome and hope many future home-makers also benefit from your knowledge and skill. It was a pleasure working with and we wish you all the very best in your future endeavours.

Many thanks once again Peta.
— Kind Regards Mike & Tina Kinney