Interior colour design consultancy

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'Colours with Love’ online palettes for you to use at home. Be guided through a selection process to identify a suitable palette for you and how to use it in your home. 


Customised consulting: colours, materials. Private and commercial clients. 

A colour consultation is a collaborative process. My role is to observe and listen and ask questions, before making assessments and suggestions. The most important factor is that we are all individuals with personal preferences and differing colour responses.

 For an interior colour scheme I will be observing the quality of the light (daylight and artificial lighting), the volume of the spaces, architectural details, function and desired atmosphere . I will be checking the usage (day, night) and enquiring after floor coverings, window treatments and furnishings. I will be noting any features that may need disguising or accentuating and utilise techniques to make this possible. Enquiries will be made regarding client likes and dislikes, and how they want to feel in the space. Sometimes it is necessary to know whether the property is for sale and adjust the colour scheme to achieve maximum return for the client.

You will receive a colour proposal and paint specification along with large paint company brushouts and any materials and sampling and furnishing details if required.

Customised colour schemes are not replicated or transferred from one project to another. The work is site specific, made-to-measure, unique.

Fees: hourly, on application Contact us

Below: Colour Board Finalist 2011 Dulux Australia Colour Award 

Below: Colour Board Finalist 2011 Dulux Australia Colour Award