Exterior Colour Online


Choosing the right colour for your house is a major decision, so why not take some advice from an expert colour consultant. Using Peta Tearle online is one of the most cost effective ways to get expert advice about the colour of your home

Exterior colour schemes can be provided by remote. I will require a telephone or Skype conversation and photographs of your building.

To enable me to assess your building I will ask you to:

  • Take photos of the exterior elements for me on each side of the building so that I can consider the type of architecture, the style or character of the building.

  • Photograph your building from the street/road so that I can note any neighbouring buildings either side.

Please email these pics to peta@petatearle.com

 Some of the questions I will ask you are:

  • Your assessment of positive and negative (if any) aspects . (I may select elements to accentuate or disguise e.g. if there are too many vertical elements (say posts on veranda), I may choose to accentuate the railing or whether we need to blend the base of the property with the garden.)

  • Details of aspect (check areas in shadow, sun, lack of sun). We will also consider climate ( sea/sun damage/snow (reflection)

  • Interior considerations e.g. should the window sashes, french doors, soffit repeat the interior colours? Does the window dressing have an impact on the outside e.g. coloured blinds?

  • Information regarding material finishes eg. timberwork has a gloss, semi-gloss or matt finish dependant on the condition of substrates (and fashion), stucco/bagged usually has a very low sheen finish.

  • Are there budget constraints – for the painting project, for future maintenance?

  • Are there council regulations-historical (heritage)/colour restrictions?

  • Any thing else you can think of e.g is the property for sale?

  • Do you, or your painter have a preferred paint brand to work with?

I will make an assessment of the surrounding environment- neighbouring buildings/landscape/style of the area and through our conversation define the function or use (your needs)/ impression/atmosphere/appeal of the building. I would also ask you to mention any colour likes/dislikes for us to discuss.

You will be provided with samples from the paint  company and a written specification detailing the areas to paint and the product type recommendation. For the samples I will require a postal address. The specification can also be emailed.

Site visits are also available POA. Online exterior colour scheme Fee: $850.