Colour for your interior environment  – home, office, or play space

Creating successful, beautiful colour combinations for the built environment (and also seven years teaching colour design) have shown me that however much people love colour many of them lack confidence using it, often don’t know how to get started making selections, and can be overwhelmed by paint companies choices. 

We cannot afford the time/money/inconvenience of mistakes. And not all of us are able to enlist expert help to guide us through the process toward a successful result. For me the combination of colours is key.

– Call it perfectionism?  Call it love? I call it, ‘getting it right.'

I decided to take my knowledge and expertise and develop a tool to enable people to be their own colour connoisseur; a tool to save legwork and put an end to confusing excursions to paint shops. Which white? I like that red but will it go with the carpet? Why won’t that green work with the wallpaper? A tool to take the guesswork out of colour combining.

The Colours With Love collection of colour palettes has been created to enable you to make your own colour combinations with confidence, and allow you to select from an emotional point of view with flexibility, creativity and individuality.

I believe your home should make you feel happy. Experience the wellbeing of living with colours that work well together.

One colour can make a room seem small, another spacious, but the real power of colour is how it makes you feel. Combinations of colour convey unspoken and unwritten ideas and emotions. ‘Colours with Love’ palettes are named according to the character their combination suggests. They are made for your pleasure. I hope you like them and are inspired by them.

How to use

When groups of colours are chosen to create a scheme, the more colours there are, the greater the likelihood of unintentional interactions between the colours, or unappealing results. Each ‘Colours with Love’ palette is chosen so that its colours co-exist.

You can use the whole of each palette of 10 colours in association with each other, a single colour, or a random selection within the palette. Each palette contains colours that have been finely tuned to combine in any combination without predetermining the numbers. Be your own colour connoisseur – put together your own unique combinations that are guaranteed to work! (And if you want some added colours, then make a booking to talk to Peta and have your palette individualised and extended.)

Each palette has at least one white. Large areas in interiors are often painted off-white. But the decision of,  “which white will go well with other the other colours I want to use?” often has people stumped.


I suggest you allow yourself to be drawn to the colours of one of the palettes, or think about how you want your space to feel and select a palette name which best describes the feeling. Make a distinction between thinking and feeling and go with your intuition.


An instruction booklet so that you can send a palette as a gift. The booklet includes photographs of a refurbishment utilising one of the palettes.

10 individual 125mm x 125mm square colour cards per pack (per palette); large samples so that you can get a real feel for the colour. Place them in differing light conditions and see how they behave in the context you wish to use the colour in.

These 10 colours work together in whichever combination you decide to use.

The cards are all named on the reverse with their paint company name/code so that you can go to your nearest supplier (in New Zealand or Australia) and buy your paint.

A ‘kodak’ grey isolator to look at the individual colours and get a truer reading. Colours are not usually experienced in isolation; for example, place a colour on a black background and it will appear lighter; place it on a white background and it will appear darker; place it on its complementary colour (it’s opposite) and it’s hue will appear more saturated.